About Network PartShare

This is the Network Information Services website for Automotive Distribution Network’s Suppliers and Distributors.

If you are a member distributor or approved supplier and need credentials, email your request to: NIS@theprontonetwork.com

If you have questions about the site or the process you may contact:

Jennifer Cothran, (800) 477-6686 ext. 233; Email Jennifer.Cothran@theprontonetwork.com
Bennie Ray III, (800) 477-6686 ext. 205; E-mail Bennie.Ray@theprontonetwork.com or
Erin Chen, (800) 477-6686 ext. 213; E-mail Erin.Chen@theprontonetwork.com or
Anna Candy, (800) 477-6686 ext. 202; E-mail Anna.Candy@theprontonetwork.com
Doreen Slayter, (800) 477-6686 ext. 212; E-mail Doreen.Slayter@theprontonetwork.com

If you are a distributor interested in membership or a supplier interested in supplying products to our member distributors contact us.

Email: info@theprontonetwork.com.
Phone: 800-727-8112